Rock and Roll!!!! Oh, and photography of course…

So this weekend I got to work with some very fun clients of mine. The folks down at Bizarre Guitar and Guns frequently host fun events and live concerts. Greg Golden, the owner of Bizarre Guitar, is part of a very popular band that performs rock and roll hits. This weekend they held a concert at the Alley in Sparks and invited me along to snap some pictures of their guests.

2_23_2013 Greg Golden Band Alley 078

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Just as I have been talking about Shanda and Greg hired me to help them thank their guests for coming to the show. As I posted up and snapped pictures, guests came over to the swag table and picked up CD’s, t-shirts, and stickers. After filling their hands they stopped for quick picture with the Bizarre Guitar girls. What I want to emphasize here is how excited the concert attendees were to have their pictures taken. Well, maybe they just wanted to get close to the girls. Either way, when all the guests check out the Bizarre Guitar Facebook page they will see their picture and it will remind them of the good time they had with the Bizarre crew.

2_23_2013 Greg Golden Band Alley 116

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This little photo opportunity fulfills so many small things that can really add up. Like I’ve explained, the concert guests come to the show and they get a free CD, a sticker, a shirt, and they get a fun picture with some pretty girls. They then hop online check out the photo, remember the good time and instantly want to go back and experience it all over again. The whole time Bizarre Guitar is getting excellent social media exposure.

12_23_2012 Greg Gold Birthday 008 blk wht

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Now to switch gears just a bit, when I first started this blog I didn’t necessarily want go too far into photography tutorials and turn this into another how-to photography blog. Those are far too plentiful and if you’d like to learn those things then go check out that Google thing. I have though, decided to sneak in a few small tips about different types of photography. Instead of telling you about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture I want to give you some different types of tips. For example, when taking shots of groups of smiling people, what David Calvert at Calvert Photography coined “grip and grins”, take two or three shots. Undoubtedly someone will have their eyes closed on at least one of them so taking a few should avoid this pesky issue.

10_28_2012 Bizarre Guitar Sideleines Party 081

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With that, look forward to my next post where Shanda Golden from the Golden ticket will hopefully be giving you all some insight to why she hires professional photography and videography at her events. For now, go look at some pictures. Find either a band you like or a business you like and see how they use photography to market themselves!


The Oh-So-Powerful Portrait

11_20_11 Portraits 012

The portrait is the most difficult type of photography in existence. It’s difficult but when done correctly it’s the most powerful type of image. It has been argued that Abraham Lincoln was elected in part because of portrait photography. There’s also not a soul who hasn’t seen Yousef Karsh’s image of Winston Churchill post World War II and not been affected by it. Throughout my blog I’m going to be speaking about many types of portraiture. I’ll be talking in depth about family portraits, executive headshots, senior photography, candid portraits, grip-and-grin group pictures, wedding portraits, etc. Granted, it’s unlikely your portrait will ever have the effect that Yousef Karsh’s do but they will have an effect on an audience. Your image had better have the right effect because it is going to be the first impression your audience will have of you.

9_21_2012 Lani Senior Portrait018

In the wired world we live in today, no one looks you up the phone book, gives you a call, and decides to do business with you. They Google you. When this prospective client Googles you they better find a professional portrait of you doing what you do best. Well, they at least better not find pictures of you on Facebook downing a beer bong right? The tech-savvy consumer of today looks up your business online and they see your face and they hear your voice. Ok well they see your picture and they read what you wrote about yourself and your business. Which, in a sense, is a first impression right? What you need to decide is what am I saying with my portrait. Are you saying, “I am a professional and will take on any task”, or “I will provide you the friendliest service possible”, or something else? In the end it’s something to consider especially if you are selling yourself or your business.

7_7_2012 Ferguson Wedding 055 copy

Again, there numerous reasons to get your picture taken. You need a new headshot for LinkedIn, you want to get a family portrait before the kids head to college, you want pictures of your senior year to show your friends on Facebook, or you want capture the day you and your sweetheart tie the knot. Regardless the reason, it’s important. It may only be important to you or just to you and your loved ones, but it’s important. It may also be important to your customers, your constituents, and your future employers.

12_29_2012 Woo Family Portrait 011

Regardless your reason for getting professional portraiture in Reno it’s important. It’s valuable to you in monetary terms and in non-monetary terms. So with that I ask you all to do several things. First, go like my Facebook page. Next, leave me a comment about portrait photography. Do you think it’s valuable or a waste of time?

Open Your Doors with Photography

2_16_2013 PEEK Opening Metro 045

Club Peek. Full gallery at

This blog is all about you opening the doors of your business. You’ve crunched numbers, you’ve found your target market, and you’ve got the product customers want. So what’s next? Open the damn store! You’re opening is arguably the biggest event your business will ever undergo. The opening sets the tone and it’s where your clients get the first impression of your business. This is also where they learn about your business and its location. This is also a perfect time to offer promotions and get people talking about your business.

2_16_2013 PEEK Opening Metro 035

Dancers at Peek. Full gallery at

If you get a photographer to show up and take pictures of the first customers at your grand opening they are going to feel special. They are going to remember the event and how fun it was to visit your business for the first time. You also need a professional photographer in Reno to show up to your business’s opening to document the event. You need it for your PR agency and for your social media platforms. Your agency needs pictures of the event to help get the word out that you are open and that the opening was a success. When others see that you’re open and they see their friends at your opening on your business’s Facebook page and so forth they are going to be excited about visiting your business as well.

2_16_2013 PEEK Opening Metro 059

Paris Hilton and guest at Club Peek. Full Gallery at 

This weekend I got to experience and shoot one such opening. I worked up at Harrah’s newest nightclub, Peek. Along with hiring photographers to document the opening, Nightclub Peek also had a celebrity appearance. Paris Hilton was invited to host the opening. As a photographer of the event I had to be part of the paparazzi for the first time in my life. Well this was the first red-carpet, celebrity event I’ve ever worked. This was an interesting experience for me indeed. I had to wait for an hour before Ms. Hilton even showed up and then I had to jockey for photo position like I was in a metal-show, mosh pit. Anyway, back to the point. On top of hiring photographers to take pictures of the guests and the event Peek also hired a celebrity appearance to enhance the clientele’s experience just that much more. Granted, most businesses aren’t going to have the capital to invest in something quiet like that but it’s a consideration. Depending on your business there could be local celebrities at your disposal. It’s something to think about.

2_16_2013 PEEK Opening Metro 068

Paris Hilton at Club Peek. Full Gallery at 

If you’re looking to open your business I genuinely think It’s important to get a photographer at the opening. Your clients are going to love the attention and it will also show that your business it with it. Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to Nightclub Peek. The venue really is worth going to and the staff was amazing. I’ve never been around such respectful and kind bouncers. The lights are exciting, the booths are luxurious, the music is great, and they even have ring and silk performers. It really is a one-of-a-kind experience. With that I say, enjoy the photos and tell me something about your businesses opening.

2_16_2013 PEEK Opening Metro 022

Grand Opening of Nightlub Peek. Full Gallery at

Get Drunk… Take Pictures… Repeat!

11_10_11 3rd St. Bar  008

Copyright BrinRPhoto. Image of taps at 3rd Street Bar, Reno, NV.

So in my last blog post I begin by introducing the idea that professional photography in Reno could make your business money. Throughout my blog I plan on introducing several types of business and how photography can help those businesses gain exposure, and ultimately, income. With this blog installment I want to talk about how it can help bars and clubs.

Nightlife photography is one of the main staples of my business and it’s one of the most entertaining types of photography assignments I shoot. I mean hey, it combines two of my favorite things; booze and photography! It helps me of course, but it also helps the club I’m shooting for and its clientele. When people go out, especially to bars and clubs, they love attention. Part of going out at night is looking great for an audience and sharing their experience with friends. So where does photography fit in. When a bar or club hires a Reno photographer, their clients get to feel special. They get to feel, in a sense, famous. When someone walks up with a big fancy camera and takes their picture, the club’s guest feels glamorous. Besides that, it’s free to the person at the bar or club. They get a free gift. It’s kind of like the bar or establishment is personally thanking them for coming in and having a drink. It’s much more of a “WOW” experience for the guest. For some of us, photographs of the night before simply help us remember what happened after that third shot! So how does this benefit the establishment?

1_25_2013 Brew HaHa Metro water 001

Image from Jon Ascuaga’s Nugget anual Brew Ha Ha. Full gallery at

The next day those clients see that a professional club photographer in Reno took their photo, touched it up, and uploaded it to the club’s social media page. The client then likes the pictures and shares the image with all of their friends that were there with them at the club, bar, or event. All of those friends then share it on their wall and a social media explosion begins. If your Reno photographer gets thirty pictures of groups of five  people and they all share the image with one hundred friends then (5 times 30, carry the one) equals a lot! Ok so you get it, lots of people see themselves out having a good time at your business and they want to come back. Your business’s logo or name is watermarked onto the images and the viewers instantly know where to go for fun. Another aspect the bar will enjoy is that it constantly gives them fresh content to post to their social media pages and their website. So more content, more exposure, free advertising, and a larger client base all adds up to more people frequenting your business.

Now most of you don’t own a bar or a club, but you’ve probably been to one right? Tell me about your experience when you go out. Do you think it’s fun when a photographer runs up and asks for your pictures? Or do you think it’s just plain annoying? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about nightlife photography. Or just tell me a funny drunk story!

6_30_12 Anchorman Edge Metro026 water

Images from the Anchorman Party at Club Edge. Full gallery at

Give yourself the image you deserve!

So this is it, the first post on the BrinRPhoto blog. I know I’ve had a few others in the past dealing with travels and whatnot but this one is the real deal. I want to use this blog to show the benefits of photography to you and your Reno business. I also simply want to take you on some the of my photography adventures. As many of you know, I make a good portion of my living from behind the lens and I would like to show you what it’s all about. I want to show you how professional photography can help your business grow and make more money, plus how it can help you lead a more fulfilling life. Pretty lofty goal right? Just keep reading and I’ll start to show you why. Besides, even if you don’t actually read anything I post here, you’ll at least be able to glance through some interesting pictures at the end right?

Ok so photography can make your life more fulfilling and it can make your business more money. How you ask? You need photography for several reasons. With the world ever-increasing it’s presence on the web you need to have your presence there as well and that presence needs to be professional. Put it this way. You spend countless amounts of money and time on how you look before a job interview right? Dress to impress as they say. You also go to the gym to fend off the beer belly, you wax your eyebrows, and you may even trim your nose hairs. The same goes for your business. You go to incredible lengths to make your business look it’s best, which is where PROFESSIONAL photography comes in. I capitalized professional because, sorry to burst your bubble, your iPhone is not a professional camera. Your store front, your product, your customers, and your employees need to have a professional image on the web and throughout your business. All of these facets need to look professional because it shows that you take pride in your work and the value you provide customers. People shop online and when they go looking for your business it needs to be well dressed, so to speak.

A photograph is worth a thousand words, if you are trying to make an impression on a potential client or customer those words better be the right ones. Throughout my blog I am going to be talking about everything that has to deal with photography and how it can help your business look like the beautiful piece of art that it is. I will be discussing things like the technical aspects, the professional benefits, and the even the simple value of a framed family photo that hangs in your living room. Now as I promised here is a little sample of what my weekend work entailed. Enjoy!

2_10_2013 Naughty Gras Metro027

Image from Silver Legacy Mardi Gras Party. Full gallery at

Image from lingerie party. Full gallery at

Image from GSR lingerie party. Full gallery at