The Oh-So-Powerful Portrait

11_20_11 Portraits 012

The portrait is the most difficult type of photography in existence. It’s difficult but when done correctly it’s the most powerful type of image. It has been argued that Abraham Lincoln was elected in part because of portrait photography. There’s also not a soul who hasn’t seen Yousef Karsh’s image of Winston Churchill post World War II and not been affected by it. Throughout my blog I’m going to be speaking about many types of portraiture. I’ll be talking in depth about family portraits, executive headshots, senior photography, candid portraits, grip-and-grin group pictures, wedding portraits, etc. Granted, it’s unlikely your portrait will ever have the effect that Yousef Karsh’s do but they will have an effect on an audience. Your image had better have the right effect because it is going to be the first impression your audience will have of you.

9_21_2012 Lani Senior Portrait018

In the wired world we live in today, no one looks you up the phone book, gives you a call, and decides to do business with you. They Google you. When this prospective client Googles you they better find a professional portrait of you doing what you do best. Well, they at least better not find pictures of you on Facebook downing a beer bong right? The tech-savvy consumer of today looks up your business online and they see your face and they hear your voice. Ok well they see your picture and they read what you wrote about yourself and your business. Which, in a sense, is a first impression right? What you need to decide is what am I saying with my portrait. Are you saying, “I am a professional and will take on any task”, or “I will provide you the friendliest service possible”, or something else? In the end it’s something to consider especially if you are selling yourself or your business.

7_7_2012 Ferguson Wedding 055 copy

Again, there numerous reasons to get your picture taken. You need a new headshot for LinkedIn, you want to get a family portrait before the kids head to college, you want pictures of your senior year to show your friends on Facebook, or you want capture the day you and your sweetheart tie the knot. Regardless the reason, it’s important. It may only be important to you or just to you and your loved ones, but it’s important. It may also be important to your customers, your constituents, and your future employers.

12_29_2012 Woo Family Portrait 011

Regardless your reason for getting professional portraiture in Reno it’s important. It’s valuable to you in monetary terms and in non-monetary terms. So with that I ask you all to do several things. First, go like my Facebook page. Next, leave me a comment about portrait photography. Do you think it’s valuable or a waste of time?


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