Since November-Ish

So I know I missed the “Merry Christmas” and the “Happy New Years” posts. I have been caught up in enjoying those particular holidays and neglected my blog. So here it is, merry belated Christmas and happy week-ago New Year! Better? Here is a little of what I have been  up to.

I shot a couple of events at Bizarre Guitar including the bass guitarist from the Alice Cooper Band and the fellas from Queensryche and Great White12_13_2013 Queensryche & Great White Bizarre Guitar 026 12_13_2013 Queensryche & Great White Bizarre Guitar 040

11_22_2013 Chuck Garric Bizarre 014


I also shot a couple Christmas parties including one for Edward Jones Investments.

12_20_2013 Edward Jones XMas Party 042 water


I also got to take a nice trip around the lake where I shot a couple rare, BrinR landscapes. If you want a print you can purchase them at this link,

12_29_2013 trip around tahoe 004 small water

Available for purchase at

12_29_2013 trip around tahoe 003 small water

Available for purchase at

I then wrapped up 2013 by shooting the party at WET Ultra Lounge.

12_30_2013 NYE WET Bar 048 small


Mac Miller at the Knitting Factory

I got the opportunity to shoot some photos of Mac Miller at the Knitting Factory this past Friday night. I love shooting concerts. You get to see a good show, the lights are fun, and your subjects are typically jovial. 8_2_2013 Mac Miller Metromix 034 8_2_2013 Mac Miller Metromix 036 8_2_2013 Mac Miller Metromix 042 8_2_2013 Mac Miller Metromix 044 8_2_2013 Mac Miller Metromix 051 8_2_2013 Mac Miller Metromix 056 8_2_2013 Mac Miller Metromix 058

More Guitars? Seriously?

Yup, yet again I found myself working for the ever-so-fabulous Shanda Golden and her guitar-ripping, mustache-wearing, business-owning husband Greg. The event? Frank Hannon from Tesla was in town for their reunion tour and was at Bizarre Guitar to do a meet and greet. While he was there he also did a fun little concert with the Greg Golden Band.

5_4_2013 Frank Hannon Bizarre Guitar 025

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If you have never heard of Tesla or the Greg Golden Band then look them up. If you are into classic rock then they are sure to tickle your fancy. I showed up and took a few shots of the store and of them setting up. Shanda instructed me on what would happen when Hannon arrived. She wanted a few pics of the show and of him playing then I was to go down into the guitar vault and shoot a couple behind-the-scenes shots of her show, In The Vault with Shanda Golden. Shooting the behind the scenes stuff was super fun. It was interesting to see how a production like that works. I also think I got some decent photos from it.

5_4_2013 Frank Hannon Bizarre Guitar 050

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5_4_2013 Frank Hannon Bizarre Guitar 001

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We then moved upstairs and I got to do some photos of Hannon and Greg Golden rip on the stage. This shoot was honestly pretty challenging. Usually with band shoots they have a ton of great colorful lights that are bouncing around doing crazy things that make any picture look good. This, however, was not the case. I was dealing with regular ceiling lights that kept getting in my way plus noisy backgrounds. By noisy I mean full of distracting elements. The only audible noise was coming from the band, which was awesome by the way. Though it was a challenge I think I managed to get some clean backgrounds and some decent moments. This was definitely a successful shoot and I am fairly proud of the images. Head to Bizarre Guitar’s Facebook Page to see the whole gallery. Also, if you are into it check out Tesla and the Frank Hannon Band for some wicked, eighties rock riffs and of course, lots of hair!


5_4_2013 Frank Hannon Bizarre Guitar 010

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