David Wise Brings Reno Some Gold

I’m sure by now you all know who David Wise is. I had the opportunity to shoot some photos for the RGJ of his homecoming party held at the Peppermill Casino.

2_28_2014 David Wise 033 David Wise at the Peppermill in Reno. David Wise with his Wife Alexandra at the Peppermill in Reno. David Wise wears his olympic gold medal. Max McManus with David Wise at the Peppermill in Reno. David Wise views a picture of himself at the Peppermill in Reno.


Midtown Businesses for Reno Magazine

First I would like to say happy late 4th of July! My weekend was spent like many of yours. With friends, burgers, and a couple of beers. I did however manage to squeeze in a little photography as well. I did a Zephyr Beach gallery for Reno Metromix as well as a family portrait session for Wade and Krystle Carner. Here is a link to the Zephyr gallery and I’ll post the family portrait soon. This gallery is about something totally different.

Way back in April I worked with Reno Magazine on a project for Midtown. We covered ten businesses, well I covered ten businesses, the magazine actually covered something like 12 or 15 between Midtown and Wells Ave. Check out the photos and be sure to try each of these places they are all really cool. You can see the way they laid out the images at Reno Magazine’s website so please go at least see that and if you can pick up the print copy!

Brasserie St. James

4_9_2013 Brasseire St. James 006 4_9_2013 Brasseire St. James 009 4_9_2013 Brasseire St. James 010 4_9_2013 Brasseire St. James 012

Reno Public House

4_11_2013 Public House  005 4_11_2013 Public House  010 4_11_2013 Public House  013

Chapel Bar

4_12_2013 Chapel Bar 009

4_12_2013 Chapel Bar 013 4_12_2013 Chapel Bar 017

Plato’s Closet

4_13_2013 Clothes Mentor 006

Sierra Nevada Chocolate

4_13_2013 Sierra Nevada Chocolate 003

The Melting Pot World Emporium

4_18_2013 Melting Pot World Emporium 009 4_18_2013 Melting Pot World Emporium 010

Midtown Wine Bar

4_18_2013 Midtown Wine Bar003 4_18_2013 Midtown Wine Bar010

PolyEsther’s Boutique

4_18_2013 PolyEsthers 005 4_18_2013 PolyEsthers 010

Wedge Cheese Shop

4_25_2013 Wedge Cheese Shop 007 4_25_2013 Wedge Cheese Shop 011 4_25_2013 Wedge Cheese Shop 012 4_25_2013 Wedge Cheese Shop 016