Since November-Ish

So I know I missed the “Merry Christmas” and the “Happy New Years” posts. I have been caught up in enjoying those particular holidays and neglected my blog. So here it is, merry belated Christmas and happy week-ago New Year! Better? Here is a little of what I have been  up to.

I shot a couple of events at Bizarre Guitar including the bass guitarist from the Alice Cooper Band and the fellas from Queensryche and Great White12_13_2013 Queensryche & Great White Bizarre Guitar 026 12_13_2013 Queensryche & Great White Bizarre Guitar 040

11_22_2013 Chuck Garric Bizarre 014


I also shot a couple Christmas parties including one for Edward Jones Investments.

12_20_2013 Edward Jones XMas Party 042 water


I also got to take a nice trip around the lake where I shot a couple rare, BrinR landscapes. If you want a print you can purchase them at this link,

12_29_2013 trip around tahoe 004 small water

Available for purchase at

12_29_2013 trip around tahoe 003 small water

Available for purchase at

I then wrapped up 2013 by shooting the party at WET Ultra Lounge.

12_30_2013 NYE WET Bar 048 small


Death and Taxes

Guess what? I finally shot some guitar stuff that wasn’t from Shanda and Greg Golden at Bizarre Guitar. Though they did find me through Bizarre Guitar. Death and Taxes is a local punk rock band that absolutely rips. I would put them in a like a thrash punk genre. Somewhere between White Zombie, The Misfits, and Metallica with a splash of Rancid. That’s just my opinion. You will have to go and watch them to decide for yourself.

5_31_2013 Death and Taxes 009 blk wht water

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The show was down at Bodega Nightclub which was once known at the Underground. This particular shoot was a bit of a challenge honestly. The venue is pretty small which actually was a minor blessing. Since it was so small I could get really close, however the lighting was pretty minimal. I ended up shooting with a 85mm 1.8 and the 70-200mm 2.8 in order to maximize the light coming through the lens and to get some good close up shots. All in all it was a pretty fun shoot even if the light was close to nothing. The music was good, the band was entertaining, and the crowd had a blast.

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5_31_2013 Death and Taxes 002 water

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I like shooting concerts. It combines two of my favorite things, music and photography. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting Tiesto at Lawlor Events Center or if you are shooting Death and Taxes at Bodega. Both pose their own challenges and both are fun. With those big shows it’s cheating almost. The lights are spectacular and constantly changing to give you incredible images. The crowds are also huge too which helps make good images but you can never get close enough and you have to fight crowds to get position. With a shoot like this the light never changed and there wasn’t enough of it but the challenge of that is worth it in my opinion. If everything were easy there would be no reason for doing it. So now that you’ve seen the photos go check out the band. They can be found at the cool dive-bar venues all over Reno. Thanks for reading and following!

5_31_2013 Death and Taxes 019 blk wht water

5_31_2013 Death and Taxes 016 water

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